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Some of our popular reasons for private visits. See plans and pricing for more.

Initial Consult

First Visit. A comprehensive functional and local assessment to identify the problem, establish baselines, and set a path forward.

Follow Ups

All sessions after the Initial Consult. Time spent implementing our plan and working towards our goals.

Training and Performance

For clients outside of injury and recovery phases looking to improve on fitness and sport related performance. This may include running/gait analysis as well as functional movement screens to provide objective data to work off of.



Manual Techniques


Garrett employs and variety of hands on therapeutic techniques to improve soft tissue and joint flexibility. These include stretching, mobilization or manipulation, soft tissue massage and Instrument assisted massage,  active and passive release techniques, and dynamic mobilizations with movement. 


Mobility and Movement Preparation

Your warm up and strength preparation is essential. We'll spend a good part of each session working on active mobility for the movements you need to perform.



Bands, Bars, Kettlebells, Dummbells and more. Not used to lifting weights? No problem, Garrett will meet you where you are and build a strong foundation

Group Trainings

The Movement Lab now offers athletic conditioning and strength training for High School and Collegiate Athletes in the Marin and surrounding Bay Area Counties. Throughout High School, Garrett trained multiple times a week with the best athletes across all sports in his hometown, preparing him to be his best in all sports and into College. These training encourage quality competition and improve performance for sport.

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